Waifu sex simulator scenes

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I'm 18 or older — Enter Exit. What is Waifu Sex Simulator? Hell if I know. Makes me perfect for this. What does it do? It lo you into a 3D environment that you can get up and walk around in. I was so excited to finally be able to walk around in… Wait a minute, what the? On first glance? But, right click the mouse and enter the menu.

And some sadistic asshat just crashed it when I went to back up a menu. Wait, no, hitting escape closes the program. Happens every day.

Waifu sex simulator scenes

And yeah. At the bottom of the menu, the selection Etc. Le us to another menu…. I mean damn. A TON! I mean DAMN! The head tracking works great and I can. Oh, duh, WASD for movement. Q and E to rotate left and right, R and F for float up or down. What was more entertaining was the fact that I could walk around the room drooling over her from any angle imaginable. Any position imaginable.

And she was just laying there getting fucked by a disembodied dick. Well, step up to the plate and look down and hey. You know what? Pretty reasonable all of a sudden. And the Vive controllers let me play with her tits! Oh god MOAR!!! Eh, perhaps I ought to leave pics of that out… But damn!!! Pole dances, strip teases, teasing dances on the bed… Blow jobs, reverse cowgirl, missionary, twerking dances. God damn, girl on girl stuff!!! Hookers, for my truck, because I took up welding and can make my own headers.

Waifu sex simulator scenes

Sheesh, people…. Time to fix that…. I have no idea what this does. B — Makes the models look at the camera. J — Rendering options. The left image is with the MMD render, the right is with the physically based render.

Tits flying and stretching everywhere…. It allows you to change between movement modes. Especially all the menu options which I still have no idea how to use. Being that this is written for new Vive users who are more than likely looking for free porn, well, boom, here you go. I know Im asking too much but the interface need some rework.

Also not alot of the girls can be put in position that you want. It works perfectly fine after with Riftcat and Soundwire! But Riftcat does support Kinect body tracking as well. Could it be, to be working with this? I mean, seeing everything from their POV, movements included? Hah, yeah. I figured out the basics and went with that. Selecting characters, modifying heights and all that stuff. Too much work.

Alright Morn you inspired me to try again, and I got it to work! Truthfully figuring it out WAS kind of a pain in the ass… I can honestly see why most people give up and never get very far. You must be logged in to post a comment. Generic filters Hidden label. Hidden label. Get Premium. Home Pornstars Studios Premium. Comments Hey there. Awesome game you made. Where can I download Marie rose? There is a damn lot of jobs but there are only one handjob! Put more handjobs, pls! Ah hah, I will try this!

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Waifu sex simulator scenes

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Waifu sex simulator scenes

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