The simpsons game walkthru

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In this you will find a text description of every episode, which will include a path to reach all the collectibles. There will be also some videos that show the completion of the episodes, which include all the collectibles as well. Feel free to use just the text or just the videos instead of both, based on your preference. In the video's description you will also find the index of the collectibles, shown in chronological order which is usually the same as the one written in the text guide; some minor differences are sporadically present in stages with an undefined pattern to followso you can also just watch the parts of the video you're interested in those related to collectibles instead of the full run.

As for the Target Time, attempt it on a separate run after a first run spent to learn the way and get the collectibles though sometimes on easier levels you may achieve the Target Time on your first shot even if you go after the items of that level. There are no real tricks to suggest for them as they're all very easy once you learn the gameplay and the path of the episodes, and the only one that will give you a little trouble will be Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game 14 th episodewhich also becomes rather easy after learning the way and getting the infinite power gauge collect every item in every Story Mode episode and in Springfield to unlock the infinite power.

There won't be references to the plot of the game it's not like there's much of a plot anywaysso don't worry about spoilers. Just out of curiosity, the achievement is unlocked even if you press A to play instead of Start. As any interaction object except a few buggy onesthey are marked with a small light which helps you locating them.

Pull it by pressing Y the "interaction button" to create a path made of steam-powered platforms - Ride the first two platforms up to reach the lower "level" of the giant cake. Eat his head afterwards, so you can unlock Homer's secondary power: Homer Ball. From now on you will control multiple characters usually two; right now it's Homer and Bart; you'll control four at once only in the last episode. You can switch between characters with the D-Padand this changes the character you control directly. You can't switch the controlled character in particular situations, such as when a character is climbing up a ladder, jumping, or when they're doing other particular actions.

The simpsons game walkthru other character, if controlled by the game so you don't have a real person with a second controller helping you will usually follow you, unless you reach some particular points where the other character will remain idle. Remember that if enemies the simpsons game walkthru alive, the AI Artificial Intelligence will usually make the secondary character fight them instead of following you, and in the next stage we will see how this is important to keep in mind.

The walkthrough from this moment will be structured so you know which character you should command in which moment of the game. Sometimes some actions can be done by either of your characters; in that case, if a preference exists, it will be expressed. Other times you'll have to use a specific character in order to make use of his particular powers such as breaking a wall as Homer Ball: you can't do it as Bart of courseand this is especially true when collecting the character-related collectibles for instance Bart can't collect the Duff Bottlecaps because they are Homer's collectible.

Anyways, you start in the Simpsons' house. Exit outside, and then press Back to open the "Things To Do" menu. Then press Y to open a map of Springfield: many Bus Stops can be selected with A on this map, and you will be immediately teleported to the selected Bus Stop when doing so.

The simpsons game walkthru

This is a very handy and quick way of moving around. In Springfield there are also 75 collectibles for each character, but since some of them require the help from other characters to be unlocked soon and some others require particular abilities "Boosts" that will be available only after the tenth episode, we'll take care of them separately in the next of the walkthrough, i.

The simpsons game walkthru

In any case, find the next destination on your map, then "enter the light" marking it to start the next episode. Note that you can aim with the slingshot, by pressing LT. The aim is a bit tricky, and you will fail to aim if you just press LT before pressing B at least once to unsheathe the slingshot.

The simpsons game walkthru

Follow them up until you're told to switch characters - Homer: step on the right circular button on the ground to make some more platforms appear. These will disappear if you move away off the button, so switch back to Bart while you're still on it - Bart: climb up on the path created by Homer, until you reach a spot where you're told to press RT to become Bartman.

The simpsons game walkthru

Double-jump off the edge on your left, and then after the second jump press RT to open the mantle of Bartman and glide towards a button on a rock in the middle of the room. This will spawn a bridge which you can cross before it's fully spawned. Once you're on the opposite side of the area, a cutscene will trigger - Bart: step on the only available button on the ground the other one, on this side of the room, doesn't do anything.

You can climb the vines but also ladders and the simpsons game walkthru things upwards more quickly if you jump while climbing. This can be a bit risky though, so use it carefully or you may end up failing to hold the vines again after the jump, thus falling on the ground and wasting more time than the one you gained by "jump-climbing" - Bart: jump off this platform and find more ivy on the right side.

It's important to eliminate them because you want your partner to follow you in the next steps as we mentioned earlier, if you don't kill all the enemies the AI will give priority to killing them instead than following you - Homer: locate a ladder on the right of the dinosaur skeleton, and jump on its skull. The weight of Homer will cause the tail of the dinosaur to lift - Bart: go up the ladder as well, and walk towards the tail of the skeleton. From its apex, double-jump and then glide as Bartman to reach the next area.

You can ignore the enemies here - Bart: jump down the doors will automatically open, so Homer can follow you now and locate a lever, immediately on your right. This will take you to four "tree-tops" platforms - Bart: at the top of the fourth tree platform you should spot, far in front of you, a bullseye.

Press B to unsheathe the slingshot, then press LT to start aiming if the bullseye is on sight it should be automatically locked-on and shoot the bullseye -- one bully down, two more to go! On its right there will be a metal "helmet": pick it up as Bart, since it's Bart's enhancements "RoboBart!

These enhancements, or power-ups, will give you special powers for a brief amount of time. In Bart's case, the B command will turn into a powerful laser shot which can go through glasses and will deal tremendous damage to your enemies. Feel free to spam Bsince as we just said the power will run out after a certain amount of time about 15 secondsand its length is not in relation with your shots - Bart: proceed by shooting a button through the glass door, so you reach a hallway where, behind some glasses, the second bully is. The next portion will the simpsons game walkthru a sort of chase through the glasses, where you need to fire at the bullseyes behind the glasses to lure the bully away, and in order to do so you'll have to use the RoboBart!

There will be many enemies on the way too, and it's hard to avoid shooting them in the process, so feel free to devastate them as well.

The simpsons game walkthru

The "target-switch" will also be suggested by the game while holding LT to aim, move RS to select different targetsbut it's quite buggy to be honest, so you have to make sure that you have your bullseyes in clear view and with a good angle of shooting to even have a change to target them ideally, try to stand in front of them - Bart: the first portion of the case is simple, just shoot the bullseyes from left to right - Bart: the second portion of the chase is barely more complicated, since you need to shoot the middle bullseye first so you lower a bridgethen the first one and then the third one - Bart: the third and final portion is just a bit bigger, but not harder.

First, shoot the first bullseye on the left so that a cartoon character can fire at the bully's back and push him forward. Second, fire at the bullseye before the donkey, so the bully goes further to the right. Third, shoot the bullseye of the blue soldier riding a horse.

Finally shoot the bullseye of the cannon, so that the bully comes out of his safe place and you can defeat him for good - Homer: go behind the glasses, where the bully was standing, about near the bullseye of the cannon. While he does so, press the red button at the bottom of the second steam machine which is idle by the simpsons game walkthru near the platform where Bart is.

This will let the steam come out of it - Bart: quickly ride the steams, one after another, before the steam created by the Homer runs out. From there you should have no problems continuing on the only possible path, which includes a pole that you can climb up ignore the bottlecap on the spaceship before it, for now.

As you climb the pole, something will change its shape, and it will become available to climb also from the ground of the area so also Homer can climb it up. Wait until the steamed-platforms near the Earth model move in a position so that you can go up them, and reach the third bully. Jump down with him to the ground of the room, and then release a charged shot of the slingshot to take him down immediately if you don't have enough power just punch him to death, breaking his guard with the XXY combo if necessary.

Heist Hijinx Finish Bartman Begins. Use Homer Ball to destroy the red hydrant, then use Bartman's flight to go past the barricade by using the steam coming off the broken hydrant. On the other side of the barricade, look for a lever to use in order to open the barricade, and then Homer-Ball through the second cracked barricade look for one which is a bit cracked. As you can see, some paths of Springfield become available only after some "teamwork", which is one of the reasons why you should leave the collectibles of Springfield for later.

Open up Springfield's map again, press Back and then Y to find the Bus Stop closest to the next mission, and head there. It can be done with either of your characters on any of the opponents also the same ones over and over. Comic Book Man and Bumblebee Man will remain in the starting area, so you probably want to focus on them instead of the other ones running away - Homer: locate a pathway going upwards, and follow it.

Continue on this upper path and use Homer Ball to dash and sprint past a gap to reach the second area. When playing as Bart, the gap can be passed with a double-jump followed by a glide of Bartman - Homer: you the simpsons game walkthru be in the "Australia" portion of the area second area.

Locate a seesaw-like brown rock, and stand on its upper part as Homer Ball. This will change the slope of the rock - Bart: immediately as you land in "Australia", on the left there will be a cardboard representing a boiler. Jump up the cardboard. Find a giant cardboard of a yellow hand moving a pink fan, and use Bartman's mantle to ride the steam of air coming out from there.

Then return normal, and jump from the top of that ramp on the nearby umbrellas, so you reach the top of the central carousel or is it a giant Mexican hat? Eat it as Homer to become temporarily invincible it's the "Insanity Pepper! You need to be invincible in order to not die on the barbed wires on the ground - Homer: on the left facing the cardboard there will be a "Duff" cardboard.

The simpsons game walkthru

From the top of the tower, glide down to the wall where Willie is, and pull the lever to lower the gate he ly closed - Homer: go through the gate Bart just opened to enter "Scotland". In front of this room on the right as soon as you entered "Scotland" there's a side path going upwards: use Homer-Ball to break through the stone pillars, and reach the giant reed-pipe. You have to time your jump so you don't go on the boilers when the fire comes out of them. You can help yourself with the nearby ivy - Bart: still in "Scotland", now ride the steam coming out of the reed-pipe to reach another wall where a lever will open the way for Homer, when pulled - Homer: reach "Italy", and find the ramp in the middle of the giant pizza on the right side.

Homer-Ball up that ramp to break something that will cause a "spaghetti" rope to appear - Homer: on the opposite side of this room on the left there is a small side path taking you to a larger eating area you'll pass below a bridge, and on the right side past the Pisa Tower. Follow the way to reach a small bridge. Look out for some ivy on the the simpsons game walkthru pillar of the bridge itself, and climb it up to reach the top of the bridge - Bart: glide forward to the next lever on the right of the "USA" gate - Bart: backtrack to the top of the bridge again, and this time look on your right to spot three giant Duff containers.

Before them you should be able to locate a grey platform with a koupon on it. In this last area there will be a sort of "boss fight" where you have to use Homer Ball to jump on the giant coin first, and then dash at the Statue of Liberty in correspondence of its cracked parts. The simpsons game walkthru process has to be done three times.

Jumping on the coin is necessary to lower the "defenses" of the Statue. Back in Springfield, use the Bus Stops to reach the West end of the city. Examine any Bus Stop with Y and choose to select characters. Then combine Bart and Lisa choose them, then press A to confirm and "lock" them in your teamwhom you just unlocked, for the next episode. There's also an optional "Clobber Girl! You want to move lift and drop the two movable stumps on the left side so that they fall on the top of the two middle non-movable stumps, also on the left side. It's near the Clobber Girl!

Pull this lever to open a gate, thus creating a shortcut for your partner. On a side note, Bart can do this operation too, but it's better to have Lisa ready - Lisa: jump down in the next area, and you should land just on the next Meditation point on a stumpor right next to it.

Use the Meditation to raise the lid of the machinery in the upper-right corner, so that a grey steam can be released - Bart: ride the steam liberated by Lisa to reach a conveyor belt.

The simpsons game walkthru

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