Superpowered game walkthrough

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This is based on two general walkthroughs that has been posted by the khumak and sillyrobot on this thread direct link to the sillyroot's WT message is this one. Both are somehow complementary, as khumak suggest Mental as Primary and Social as secondary.

Superpowered game walkthrough

The Physical Build will be explored sparingly, as it's the most difficult for now. Billy's behaviour is monitored by the government. If he fails to maintain basic behaviour, he receives a demerit. Too many demerits and he ends up reclaimed by the Initiative. Note there is no display of how many superpowered game walkthrough Billy has!

The rules aren't particularly onerous and it is easy enough to avoid receiving almost any demerit points. Principal Larson can erase one demerit received at school as a professional favour once a week. Apparently, demerits also expire over time about 2 months. Demerits at Globex can be erased by Anne? Choose Mental as superpowered game walkthrough primary stat and Social as the secondary.

You can raise all of these at the Initiative so this choice only matters at the beginning of the game. But beware that raising them above 2 gets expensive fast, which is why you want Mental as the Primary if you want the Teacher's Aid job. For the Perks: both Good Brother and Well Endowed [1] are advised The stat boosts don't do anything that you couldn't get by going to class a few times so there's really no reason not to take both Good Brother and Well Endowed as you can't get them later.

The 3 rd pick doesn't matter, but Concentration and Persuasion are good choices for the training boosts and Personality for the lunch room boost. Primary Trait: Social. Rationale: The primary focus of the game is Billy's social interactions. Each point of social grants 2 charm per period that can be used to sway a target. The primary early use -- asking the target to gossip on your behalf -- consumes 2 charm as does asking for a few bucks. Secondary Trait: Mental. Rationale: physical interactions are primarily combat and that can be avoided trivially until you have power sets to let you win.

Additionally, Mental talent controls how much experience you earn from personal training and how much Tamara earns from your tutoring. The third choice is less vital.

Superpowered game walkthrough

I recommend well-endowed. Persuasive bonus Persuasionor Charming Boy bonus Personality are decent alternates. Well-endowed offers the superpowered game walkthrough long-term benefit. For those that choose to include Physical in their builds, as of v. That means that it would be highly recommended to get Reflex as a perk, apparently.

But instead, it would be more helpful to choose Concentration if Mental is the secondary or Persuasion if Social has been chosen instead. In any case, Billy is a bit of a lame duck in this situation, so you should prioritize to upgrade the weak Trait to 2 as soon as possible. Remember that you can use both Institute and Global Influence to do so. Max out Enhanced Senses immediately and get grades to before the end of the month. The reason you want Flight next is it doubles your influence gain for everything and it's way cheaper than any other power, until Humanitas and Brillance are implemented.

You also need it to reach some of the Public Ops. The bad news is you lose the Monday Afternoon time slot tutoring Freddy. The first few weeks it is strongly recommended you consistently tutor him. The interactions are scripted; the first couple of weeks not much happens and no choices are offered. The third session you choose a target for him to investigate.

Superpowered game walkthrough

Choose Tamara. The 4 th week, you again can make a target choice and a choice of how to distract Freddy as Billy shadows Tamara. If you want Tamara in your club, I recommend picking the 'red herring' choice with respect to how to distract Freddy. Choose Derek as Freddy's target and keep Freddy after Derek from then on. If you want to be sure that Billy will graduate the first year, invite Freddy home with you on Monday of week 3 and tell him to follow Derek. Sit with Derek at lunch as soon as Freddy talks to you about Derek at school. Starting in week 3 tutor Tamara twice a day every day except for Friday of the week you had lunch with Derek.

Waiting til the end of the week will ensure you have enough tutoring sessions in to recruit Derek. If you do it earlier in the week you might not have enough yet. Just before school is out that Friday talk to Larson about Derek and you will have done enough tutoring of Tamara by then for her to agree to let Derek be the soccer team goalie.

Keep tutoring Tamara twice a day superpowered game walkthrough now on until she s the club especially Monday. Invite Freddy home every Monday until you see an option to take a trip with Tamara instead on Monday. Now you have both of superpowered game walkthrough in the club and don't have to tutor anymore, although Derek won't do missions with you unless you build favor with him first so you might want to tutor him a bit.

So you should be able to recruit Derek by no later than Friday, October 13th. Alternatively, you can use Freddy to follow Derek a couple of weeks and convince Sandra to date him. That will make using him in the missions easier, but you will form the club a bit later. Get the Mind Control power and upgrade Natural Social to 3. Night City Productions Wikia Explore. Version 0. School Jobs Globex Jobs. Maggie Stephanie. Sophie Danni. Larson Anne Courtney Dr. Tamara Freddy Derek Crissy Alice. Game Characters Back. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ?

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Superpowered game walkthrough

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