Knot games elana

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Is the game only available for 64 bits? I wanted 32 bits, I think many think that. Browser version should work with 32 too but we'll think about the making an specific 32 bits version in future, at least once in a while or when completed.

Knot games elana

I've tried downloading the alpha 1. Whenever I try to run the game, the resolution is so horrible, I can't even read the the menu. What do? It could be a problem of the settings, so you could check if the option is misplaced. The game have a max resolutions of x Hello, I'm getting this error everytime i want to play de browser version: An error ocurred running the Unity content on this.

Also can't play the Download version cuz is only for 64bits. If some can help me please, i really want to play de new chapter. Seems knot games elana went wrong with the browser version. We'll a new version soon and can't promise that we'll do a 32btis version soon but it will be done eventually. Acabo de comprobarlo y ha funcionado bien. Esta version esta completa? O es solo el principio? Por q aun no puedo pasar el primer mundo despues de abrir la academia.

Knot games elana

Gracias por responder, ya fui al nuevo mundo! Q deberia hacer? Estoy trancado ahi! Probably you need the wine or another work card. Can I download it to Android, or is it web only? If it is, when will it be available to download it on mobile? Yes, it could have a couple of glitches or a couple of small visual things to fix we'll do it in the future but it is complete. It is only available for patrons. We'll check what could be happening with the browser version.

The bit alpha 1.

Knot games elana

I can not enter. Just to be sure, be sure that you have a system with 32 bit computer or otherwise use the 64 bit, which I assume you are already doing.

Knot games elana

It could also be a problem with RAM memory, because this version lo the whole game upfront, in which case could be fixed in next version because we have splitted the load times during the game. It really is the ram that weighs a lot, thanks for the contact, and I hope that this is resolved. Hi, Just wondering what the little bag icon next to the quest log does. I click on it and nothing happens. Can't download from Mega.

There was a timer when I "should" be able to download with a freebut when the timer reached 0 it started all over again, but with 60 minutes for the next "should" instead of Will there be any alternatives to Mega? What you are describing are not the mega links we have provided, certainly not what mega ask for the download, since it should be free and available to download from the first click. It seems that something is redirecting you to certain sites so I would highly recommend to run Antivirus in your computer and clean the cookies of your browser. The version ed here wasn't very optimized and needed a lot of RAM memory making it not work in some devices.

The newer versions are better in this matter but right now we only knot games elana them for patrons still requires quite amount of RAM. As for chapter 1 and 2, the versions are stopping to run with the newer versions of android. Nd de diferente acontece. Will be a public release for android version? For chapter 3 certain tiers of our patrons right now get a code for gallery unlocked and for all the features and characters available in the academy unlocked.

I download alpha 64 in my android phone. But it doesn't work after Extract a zip file. Both chapter 1 and 2 are complete. There are minor things that could be polished but due to the company stopping supporting the program we used to develop it, to a point that polish this minor things could mean months of work without knowing if it would end up working. But again, really minor things. Christie turns from Futa to female. I am pritty shure it happened after i asked Lashy to help with Aris Anger issues.

Either that or helping Lodred thinking about Lashy directly after caused it. I am playing on Public Alpha Version 2. Question as to where everybody goes after the 5 hours of lessons? I can't find anybody to finish up some quest stuff with Minitny and Dela. This is a bug that causes the time to stop. Everyone should be doing lessons in the academy knot games elana since the time stops it can't be seen. The quests for Mitiny and Dela are optionals and we have to add an option to close them. Even so you should find arrows around the area to visit and complete 3 new worlds.

Ah, ok. Good to know they're optional. I thought they were pivotal.

Knot games elana

Thanks for the info. Game's pretty good so far. Hi, do you know how to solve the quality for fullscreen? It's a bug. It should be fixed for the next version we'll release. How do i get both? If I'm not wrong the image you mention is the kiss scene with puddypuddy, but if you have all other images you should already have that one. Also if you have all images the world should be completed since after finding all combinations of magic jelly beans with Leela the world should be completed.

If it is not it could be a bug and we'll check what could be happening. Hi, i get the kiss-text but it seems that there is a problem showing the Pic. I hope that this informations help you.

Knot games elana

Buenas, si eres tan amable de responderme a las dos siguientes preguntas. El juego se hizo demasiado grande para navegador pero hemos estado trabajando para solucionarlo. En cuanto a expandir el universo, tenemos varios proyectos posibles en mente pero por el momento nada concretado.

Hey I love chapter 1 and 2shame chapter 3 should play on unity i downloaded 32 bit but after knotgames logo game crashes and i found that chapter 3 need 4gb ram can it reduce to 2gb i really want to know who is that old lady only elena could see. We are working on reduce the weight and the requirements of the games but at some points it has to load tons of images and it is difficult.

Even so, soon we'll release a new public version which will include browser working version. About the "old lady" I think you mean Aho. Hi, This is a fantastic game and I'm very excited to see the completed version however, I ran into a problem with the downloaded 64 bit version. When I open the team management screen from the knot games elana menu, there doesn't seem to be a way to close out of it. I am unable to exit that screen after leveling up the stats or setting the team.

Thank you! There should be a green or red button to close it, if not it seems a bug is happening. Thanks for reporting it we0ll check what could be happening.

Knot games elana

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