Games like lab rats

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Summertime Saga is one of the best, high quality, adult dating games. Primarily based on a novel, it portrays the realms of virtual reality at its peak. Moreover, he tries to juggle all this with his school, his finances and trying to get a date. The game provides us with so many interesting scenarios and mysteries that are mind-boggling and can make you want more.

Games like lab rats

But, if you have already finished the games like lab rats and are looking for a few more simulator based gameshere are Top 15 games like Summertime Saga to check out in One of the newest dating sim games in the visual novel space is Life in Woodchester developed by Dirty Sock Games. This visually impressive game centers around a young protagonist who wants to reconnect with the people around him and solve tension in the household. Of course the game lets you customize your relationships with each character by calling them whatever you like.

The quality is very high and even surpasses Summertime Saga in rich features like character movement and camera panning. There are plenty of animated CGs and pseudo dialogue options. While the game is high quality, it is still early on and needs more content. Integrating anime games like lab rats the fields of virtual reality and simulation, the game provides a view into an average teenage romance.

It portrays the unlikely romance between upper-class Kagamihara Alice and Middle-class Joe Hashima Reiji, who bond on a show. The game is largely based in the Otaku Mecca of Akihabara. As a user, you can directly experience the anime and gaming paradise as you date your anime-obsessed cosplayer schoolmate! Based on how you choose, the algorithm will then set you up with either a beautiful, heartfelt love story or an intense, passionate experience of lust.

This is what makes it like Summertime Saga, yet with added spice! The mystery of the game will leave you wanting more. Yet another visual reality dating game like Summertime Saga is A town uncovered. Based on another intriguing storyline, this high quality dating app basically revolves around a protagonist who is fairly new to town and is curious in general about games like lab rats. This makes him discover gradually a secret, how people in town automatically disappear into thin air out of nowhere and act weirdly.

All you see coming at yourself are mysterious and strange events that shall make your mind go wayward. It primarily deals with character relationships and skill stats. Adding onto it, there are very wide and intriguing side quests that one could undergo. The city is left to your disposal to explore with so many shady and isolated locations and of course, H-rated scenes. Your character has certain attributes and personality traits and you can indulge in romantic relationships with several people at once which shall increase your stats. Just like the game Summertime Saga, the storyline is totally based on choices and likings, and what you do is totally based on fantasies and fetishes.

This game is like combining the Sims and Honey Select. The story flows much better than the others with inclusion of dreams, corruption etc. The story involves you being a guy with a choice of your name to be a part of a revenge mission that is based on 30 year old, existing rivalries. This game is more action based unlike the others mentioned in the list. Ever wondered what is it to interact and maintain relationships with men? Ever thought how your life would look like if you would have been gay, or is it your fantasy to be involved with other males?

Then this game is really out there to fulfil your curiousness and desires! Like Summertime Saga, it is based on virtual simulations with a tinge of dating scenarios, yet this one comes with a twist. It is a gay themed sim interactive novel based video game developed by Obscura. It essentially involves Mark coming out to his roommates before the commencement of the final year of college.

Consequently, as a result, he consciously makes choices to deal with masculine figures around all this while. Adding on spice to it, he also has a pet fetish yet he is speculating his friends and family to be judgemental about it and so he confines within himself.

He then goes on to flirt with several men until he eventually chooses the most masculine one in the end. This is lesser based on choices yet the provoking storyline makes up for it. So, if you are looking to explore a few interesting things about gay men and sexuality, pet fetishes and gay relationships, this one is the best to quench your curiosity. It can be downloaded from Stream. This is more of an incentive based game, but like Summertime Saga, the roadway to the end is filled with excitement. This high quality adult game is more or less based in a chemical production factory.

You become a guy who works in this chemical factory and your job is to make chemical solutions as per demands. But, there is a slight twist in the tail coming your way! For every time you get a chemical solution right, you get to sleep with a fellow co-worker.

Games like lab rats

So, to get your chemistry with your fellow co-worker right, you will have to create chemical solutions and get them right. The incentive drive makes you passionate and urges you to complete tasks to obtain your fantasies. This fun game is very popular within the teens, like Summertime Saga itself. This choice based virtual reality simulates a very complex plot that you find yourself entangled in, not the boring way though! The crux of this game lies about incest relationships- whether you consider your feelings for your cousins and go ahead with them or stick to your family rules and not deal with the cousin.

The plot makes the protagonist stuck with a cousin on an estranged island, and while they are looking out to just survive, things start taking a turn. This game has various endings, it all depends on you and your desires! It is available on Windows. It means, it could never get so complex yet so intriguing!

This novel based game looks at the protagonist called Jason who has a huge crush on his really hot step-mom and her three daughters. To his surprise, one day the circumstances become such that they cannot leave the house and are stuck with each other. In what is next to follow, they have to games like lab rats their musical talents to get everything that they desire. Based on similar lines as Summertime Saga, Ladykiller in a bind is a really intense, passion filled erotic novel games like lab rats game by Christine Love in The plot revolves around the lives of a protagonist who is stuck on a cruise ship with his twin and several other classmates, friends or enemies.

Although, he finds himself into complex emotional manipulation and a source of such hindrances are basically his enemies that try to create hiccups every now and then. As you dive into this world, you will find the storyline to be taking an interesting shape. So dive in and enjoy it! The plot of this game is one of the most revered ones as it fulfills a lot of guy fantasies, one is to become a rich kid who has everything he needs.

As things start heating up, you start developing feelings for Dana. This strange relationship dynamic makes it just like Summertime Saga. You will further on find many more interesting characters who you will share your story with. This game is free to download on Windows, so go ahead! Your character is that of Amber who is a dark elf.

Sadly, she was abandoned as a baby in the woods of Icesilia. Later on, she was found and adopted by a witch named Vin. It is her decision to make Amber an Alchemist in life. Eventually, she was sent to Isilia to become an alchemist and her job. It is available on Android and freely available!

Games like lab rats

This game, like Summertime Saga deals with relationship dynamics which are based on lust and passion. Just like Summertime Saga, it is built on choices. It is on the basis of these stats you will get to move ahead and encounter scenarios games like lab rats. So be careful and do not let your trust statistics fall down. It is free to play and easily downloadable on most platforms. Not as many games are exact reproductions of reality like Summertime Saga, but this one will blow your mind, assuredly!

The idea behind this game includes the protagonist to play a video game at first. What happens next may make you lose your sense of what is real and what is not. Astoundingly, all the characters from the video game come out in real life and compel you to patty with them! Imagine getting to be a part of this one hell of an event. You can interact with these party mongers and fulfill all your desires with them, go host this party right now.

It is absolutely free to download on any PC. Released on 27th Aprildeveloped by beautiful glitch, this video game is as surrealist as it gets. Oh wait, twist! What you have to do is go inside this surreal world and do fun stuff with your monster classmates and get yourself in exciting situations before you are able to take your prom date out!

Feels intriguing right? You can download it on your android devices for free. Go find out your character now!

Games like lab rats

It is completely free on your PC. These are some really interesting games with virtual reality simulations, premium quality and wonderful storyline based on the unique ability of each game to fully quench your curiosities and desires. All these make it just like Summertime Saga, so if you want to relive something like it again, go check them out! I am a content writer, who apart from being one is also a photographer, food reviewer, and a tech enthusiast.

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Games like lab rats

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