Games like high tail hall

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The game already has a sequel. The game is formerly a project by Crowchild, which was launched back in for a gaming platform online, Newgrounds, but it later became HTH Studios. Throughout the years, the game had four major variations, in which all of it is a result of countless delays and setbacks.

As of now, the game is still in its public beta stage; however, by the time that the game is completed, the development team will initiate a full release of High Tail Hall. Furthermore, the developers made a new island in the middle of a body of water; you get to explore the nature and the ruins while you are having the cravings of fucking the natives.

Not to mention that the cast members of HTH Studios are also natives. The game is actually quite bigger than I expected, bigger than your 3-inch pathetic excuse of a dick.

Games like high tail hall

Overall, High Tail Hall is pretty much like an erotic novel that has numerous fuck scenes that you can fully control. The controls, s, the key placements are all relatively convenient so that your other hand is free for you to be able to jerk off your sorry excuse of a dick while you navigate through the gameplay. In addition to that, I can also consider the artwork to be good. I'm talking about the des of models and how they illustrated the sex scenes with finesse. For starters, the gameplay has so many things needed to be done with a mouse, such as you have to click the mouse frequently to progress through the dialogue for you to be able to get to the fucking part.

The worst part? You have to go through a fuck-load of dialogue just to get past a scene. The developers need to step up to improve the quality of the graphics. Who the fuck would want to fuck jerk off to mediocre animations of fucking some animal hybrids?

Certainly not me! Hold on for a moment; the big boys are talking. Like, damn! I would call the game to be almost completed.

Games like high tail hall

However, there is still a lot of room for the game to improve in terms of quality and the overall content. The game is indeed a good game to play, however, only to those who love a quick and very accessible show with tons of sex animations. To sum up, it all boils down to personal preferences of whether you like to fuck furry animal hybrids or not. H gamcore. High Tail Hall H gamcore. PornGames likes High Tail Hall 4. Free Porn Games. Patreon Adult Games. Furry Porn Games. See all Free Porn Games VR Porn Games.

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Games like high tail hall

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Games like high tail hall

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Games like high tail hall

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Games like high tail hall Games like high tail hall

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