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Check Fitgirl repacks for fast game repacks, almost always has a torrent link so thats really the one place I'd go. Next is definetly masquerade repacks, better installer imo but doesnt always have a torrent link, and so it takes a few minutes to get the drive download link or whatever. Still a brilliant repacker, and even has a discord! Thirdly, steamunlocked. Brilliant as the games come preinstalled, good if you dont want to wait for games to install after download, but can be slowish download sometimes, also few torrents, and not every game you're looking for.

DDL for small downlo, repack for larger is what i find works best for me. Happy Piracy!

Game torrents reddit

The other sites also work brilliantly gog for example but take a while to figure out, wouldnt bother if its your first time trying it out. And remember, if you can, please donate to the people behind this e. Everybody needs to eat! Thanks buddy, was looking for some infos like this. I also reccomend using Xatab, he updates his repacks very often.

Until now I only used FitGirl and Xatab but was looking for more safe sources that update their repacks or cracks very often. Right now I'm waiting for Ac Valhalla to be cracked, but after it's cracked there will be many updates for like years and I don't wanna wait 2 years to directly download the full game repacked by FitGirl like I did with Odyssey.

Some suggestions? Gog-games, steamunlocked is also brilliant, albeit a bit slow sometimes. Not entirely sure about specific games, but if you're more confident, look into gog-games, you'll have to install extra software and learn it however. Are the games on steamunlocked always the latest version or do you need to find updates on your own? Do you need a direct downloading software like JDownloader2 to download from steamunlocked?

That's great. But it isn't extremely accurate I think. It did help me game torrents reddit I have someone on my wifi downloading shit load of stuff. Then I confirmed that on the router lol. Glad it helped! It's not going to catch everything but it should get almost everything with a public tracker or DHT announces.

In Germany, for example, you game torrents reddit have legal action taken against you if you are caught downloading pirated content, and hence you must use a VPN. Similair laws exist in other countries. I think we supposedly have that too here in Spain, but I've been downloading without VPN for years and nothing happened yet. Your submission has been automatically removed. Please do not message the moderators about this. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Note that cs. Add corrupt-net.

Add ReScene to the Tools section, description could be something along the lines "Restore Scene releases to their original, rar-packed form. Does not work with all releases". Add SRRDB, saying it's required for ReScene to reconstruct the release rars and can be used for verifying your downloaded files, maybe a quick guide on that as well I can make one if required.

No but Reddit does have a scheduled post feature now which i think we can make it do this every 6 months or so. I mainly do console and handheld games.

Game torrents reddit

No or malware. It's very easy to use and you can also download patches and DLC with it. I'm going to try to look for it. I can also try to answer questions about the PS3, but I'm not too knowledgeable about that one. I remember when Nintendo cracked down on rom sites. Used to get them from Emuparadise or Coolrom.

Vimm's lair is the only one left that I know of, that I trust anyway. It's a great site. I suggest adding Free download manager FDMIt is a good download manager and torrent client potentially faster than qbittorent. Hope you excel! Arrr maties. You should add game3rb. I search on the site itself. I used to download roms from romsmania but then i switched to windows. And for windows, the site gives you an. If you want to get a rom on romsmania,you have to click other downlo and choose "slowest download" through the browser. Entirely unrelated but im glad i checked this megathread.

Some guy that fixed my computer suggests to download ccleaner. Immediately declined since i was on reddit while the were connecting my pc to the internet. The megathread is updated constantly. If you have proof that a listed site is no longer safe, then post it or send it via modmail. Is gnarly repacks safe then? It isn't on the megathread but I see him posting every once in a while. I get all my playstation Roms from game torrents reddit. Easy to use interface and has pretty much all the games for Playstation.

They used to have Nintendo roms too, until Nintendo scared everyone away. Vimm's game torrents reddit seems like the only site left for Nintendo roms since they sued Loveroms and loveretro, Nintendo makes some pretty good first party games but they seem like assholes for suing over what is essentially abandonware. Make sure to read the stickied megathreadas it might just answer your question!

Or just read the whole Wiki. Yeah, many here don't even know what a scene group is, I didn't even know at first, but then searched it up. Not sure how or where to notify people about this, but I think Nitroblog has been shut down. There was a brief notification about this happening a few days ago in their re- section, and then I woke up to see the site down this morning. No clue as to why this has happened. If they had announced or indicated anything about it, if they were moving, etc.

Game torrents reddit

The original domain is just dead now. Yeah, A few days ago i was there and it was fine. I thought it was me, till someone else said it was down. No, Spacewar isn't bannable. If you mean Risk of Rain 2, some people even host dedicated servers for the Spacewar version of the game.

Game torrents reddit

The sidebar Megathread link is now updated with this link. As for the Megathread in the wiki, that's different. With a little more sites than this Megathread. Do you need VPN for ddl websites. I know you don't for steam unlocked but what about the others? It essentially allows for Mass surveillance, and makes it legal for the government to have access to all information from an ISP about you. Sure, you might pass undetected, but not worth the risk imo. If not you can request them. Steamunlocked also has lots of hentai games cause the people who run that are horny af lol.

Is gamefabrique a safe site? I saw a game there I wanted I couldn't see it game torrents reddit this megathread. Please tell if this is a safe site to download from. I doubt it. Most multiplayers rely on dedicated run by devs servers. Steam unlocked, really safe. Hit or miss if the game works or not, every thread has people saying the game worked or asking why it didn't work, most of the games I tried worked.

Next is RG mechanics, I found a download for VR paradise vr strip club I'll let you know if it works, if they have adult vr games I'm sure they have others and RG mechanics is listed on this site as safe. Considering this is a thread dedicated for pirating for pirates, I wouldn't trust a site unless it is on this megathread, not worth the risk.

Game torrents reddit

Are all steamunlocked games safe? I really want Do not feed the monkeys but I'm scared from a virus : please help me. Anywhere I can download software? Like Voicemod? I've been looking for a 2. I'm a bot, beep boop Downvote to remove Contact me Info Opt-out.

Go search for it yourself. I know they've cracked the original version but is there anyway to play a crack of the updated version? In the unsafe sites sections. They don't have their own website and you should avoid anything that has their name in the URL because those sites are not affiliated with the group and might be distributing unsafe downlo. I'm just explaining what OP meant with what they posted up there.

And I'd rather avoid unauthorized third-party given links to be "safe". Better "safe" than sorry. I used KickassTorrents 5 years ago and it was safe but since its dead its not safe in other sites. Is skid row a good site? Also whats the real site of skid row? Are there any good alternatives to gamecopyworld for the trainers? GCW doesn't seem to be working for more than a couple of days now. All the mirror links only redirect to blank s. I just clicked in the search field and it opened a in a new window which said install chrome update and there was an install button Well, I think this site whould be in the list of Untrusted sites!

The site is unusable, It opens s like these every time I click on something. Winrar had a bunch of issues, for example bloating itself game torrents reddit. Unless that was mine acting up for some reason, probably wanna be careful of it, Feel free to correct me, im just relaying my experience with it. Is there a website that gives mbps download speed?

Is there a safe alternative for high-speed direct download? I just wanna ask game torrents reddit more thing that is how do i get these games like gang beasts and raft to run on multiplayer. I have looked through some youtube videos but apparently you gotta have steam friends if you wanna play multiplayer. I have recently started minecraft dungeons with friends i downloaded it from fitgirl's site and we are about to finish it. What do you call these types of games which don't require steam friends to play. Co op? Local multiplayer? Kinda new to this so help would be great thanks.

If my on Windows 10 doesn't have admin privileges, do steamunlocked games come without the need for UAC password?

Game torrents reddit

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