Game of sultans maids

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Game of sultans maids

Note: Use buttons in the lower right corner of the screen to jump to the Review or Guides. As far as historical strategy mobile games go, Game of Sultans pioneers the genre practically, along with several other titles, at least on the mobile market. This game has it all — consorts, viziers, heirs, unions, armies, and the whole shebang packed into the not so familiar strategy simulation Empire RPG. And, that is not all for despite some mixed feedback, this game has managed to build up quite a wide community, adding the MMO next to RPG, but in a very peculiar setting.

The game was developed and published by Mechanist Internet Technologies, co. They are based in Xiamen, China, but are game of sultans maids internationally present studio, with subsidiaries in New Zealand and the US, among others. They are behind such titles as War Clash, Heroes of Skyrealm, City of Steam, and Spirit Guardian, which are mostly respectful titles, but it is arguably their 1 game. It scored 3. Game of Sultans release date was back in and the initial mixed feedback was partly for the game did not fall into the standard mobile strategies popular during that time or earlier, like Game of War or Mobile Strike.

Also, it was pretty advanced in terms of graphics and engine, thus reducing the target audience circle by a large margin, for the game was a bit too much for an average Smartphone 2 years ago.

Game of sultans maids

Thus far, average mobile tech has caught up and the game was tweaked with constant updates, achieving widespread critical and commercial success. Firstly, GoS is a historical game, with historically accurate Turkish Folklore. It is set in the old Ottoman Empire Era, in Turkey, and you control one of the many Sultans, as you try to rise to power, above all others.

The player comes in as the son of a dying Sultan. Fresh on the throne, you are acquainted with your duties and game mechanics, through beautifully looking animated models and even some dramatic storyline moments. However, the story is not that developed as the game is aimed as a re-playable multiplayer competitive experience more than a single-player campaign play. The gameplay takes you through various rooms and places i. You may change this of course, but certain progress is tied to the respective server and cannot be transferred. You can a union on your server, which is composed of real players from all corners of the world.

Also, there are cross-server in-game events offered in limited periods. GoS has dedicated a fair amount of effort to develop the social aspect for all of the servers are worldwide. No server is region-oriented. The way this is achieved is that the game has a decent translation feature built-in for better communication. Besides unions, players can socialize in chat rooms, with censoring of course, and many other aspects. Of course, you also have battles you watch unfold in an idle gameplay style, but with lots of cinematic and dramatic moments. However, the focus is on the out-of-combat gameplay.

Also, as with similar strategies, there are events, quests, awards, achievements, progression in endless aspects, development, tech, etc…. As mentioned, when game came out init was one of the visually most advanced strategy games for mobile phones…. As mentioned, when Game of Sultans came out init was one of the visually most advanced strategy games for mobile phones. And, it remains very impressive today. The animations and models are incredibly crisp and polished up, with the characters moving in a motion comic style, which is not much but it makes them feel more lively and enhanced the atmosphere, as do the impeccable backgrounds, terrains, and stuff.

In combat, this game looks like an advanced version of some PC strategy games like Age of Empires. This advanced visual aspect, however, does have a drawback in terms of tech requirements. As mentioned, GoS was putting a strain on an average Smartphone inwhich is largely why people have had such a negative experience with it. Since then, the average level of Smartphone tech has advanced, so it is now a perfectly accessible game. The iOS version requires iOS 9. It is a familiar phenomenon to mobile gamers that mobile strategy games rely heavily on microtransactions.

The game itself is free and requires no real money spending if you want to play it, even in late-game stages. However, competitive play, as with all other similar mobile games, can eat out your wallets fast. Serious competitive play is not possible without spending real-money, in our opinion. It is fun, competitive, pleasant to look at, well-thought-out, and free-to-play. We particularly focused on seven most commonly asked questions game of sultans maids the game, throughout the player community.

Use links below to jump to the guide sections. Use links in the lower right corner to jump back. In Game of Sultans, grain is an essential resource like in many similar strategy games set in similar periods. You obtain grain from leveling in Imperial Affairs, Imperial Parliament, from various events, and even from some items. Boosting your Politics attribute will increase your Grain levy. Good resource management is crucial in all aspects of the game, and thus you should invest as much attention in other resources as you do in Politics.

The grain is counted as a political sub-resource and you should only be careful not to run out of it. Energy orbs are used to restore energy, needed for visiting your Consorts and other NPCs in the Masquerade. They are obtained through main quests, achievements, events, and purchased at the store. There are other types of Orbs, game of sultans maids with different purposes, but still similar to this one, like Vitality Orbs that restore Vitality. You should first use free chances if you have some available, before using your orbs. To use them, you should:. Viziers play a major part in your rule as a Sultan and their talents are what makes all the difference when you are choosing which to level up.

Increasing talent in a Vizier is done by simply tapping on the portrait of a Vizier you chose to improve, taping on the Develop icon, and then viewing the talents that game of sultans maids Vizier has and improving the ones you like. However, leveling up a Vizier and improving their talents are two separate things. While their talents do increase in stats with each new level, you can improve the Talent early on, to get the most out of your Vizier.

Improving a talent will require an Enhance Badge and each talent type has its own: Military, Political, Prestige, and Research.

Game of sultans maids

Enhance Badges are then very important to obtain from wherever you can, and you get them from opening Badge Packs, awarded from campaign progress or events. In Game of Sultans, you forge unions instead of ing guilds. Being in a Union can have several benefits, besides having allies. Your allies and you can contribute together and reap the benefits, but you can also an option to contribute Diamonds and earn Silver Coins. Just click on the redeem tab and see what goodies you can buy with them.

However, here, there is another benefit to it — the Exploration Feature. To leave a Union, you do it in two different ways. If you are a leader of a Union, you need to transfer leadership to another sultan first, or you can disband an entire union. If you are a member of a Union, just go to the Union screen and find the Leave Union icon. There is a hour ban on ing another union after you leave one. Being in a Union gives unprecedented benefits, like the option to send a Vizier on a Union Voyage. Since leveling up your viziers is crucial, this is a very important feature. You can send one Vizier for free, while you can spend a PvE seal to add another one.

Completing a Union Voyage will grant you free rewards and experience. Doing microtransactions i. Accumulating enough will earn you a VIP level. They will also yield numerous other rewards, like silver and gold earrings, agate and emerald rings, various packs, and other stuff. Consorts are very important to produce Heirs, and for providing valuable bonuses of course. As a Sultan, you encounter Consorts in the area known as the Masquerade. When you keep seeing the same Consort over and over again, your intimacy game of sultans maids with her will increase, allowing you to marry her eventually.

Married Consorts are then moved to your Harem, though you continue the Masquerade. Consorts gain experience when you visit them, which can be used to improve Viziers even. As far as the Consorts stats go, Intimacy increases attributes of Heirs you produce with them, while Charm determines how much experience the Consort gains with your every visit.

Higher VIP enables more upgrades and limits. Game of Sultans review and guides. Everything you need to know. Is it worth playing? Game of Sultans Atmosphere. Tech Compatibility. F2P Friendly. User Game of sultans maids 5 1 votes.

Game of sultans maids Game of sultans maids

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