Biggest boobs in video games

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Video game demographics are constantly evolving, but a segment of the industry is always going to pander to young male audiences. I want to break this trend by making a list specifically for women.

Biggest boobs in video games

Breasts are near and dear to the hearts of women — both literally and figuratively. With that in mind, this list is dedicated to all the ladies in the room! Girl power! A descendant of the legendary Valkyria, Selvaria Bles has superhuman powers at her disposal.

When these abilities first began to manifest themselves, she was separated from her parents and taken to an Imperial test facility. Her Valkyria form can turn the tides of any battle, and her massive breasts are certain to turn many he. She knows her way around a battlefield, but the other girls on this list could teach her a few things about fashion.

Do better, Selvaria. As the oldest daughter of the Nohr royal family, Camilla acts as a motherly figure to her younger siblings. Tomb Raider was one of the most ambitious games of its day and was revered as a monumental step forward for 3D adventure games. It was praised for its sophisticated level de, inventive gameplay, and involving storyline, but there were two very big reasons why the game was so popular if you catch my drift. Before jiggle physics were all the rage, we were willing to take whatever we could get. Kaguya Nanbu is an adventurous princess who leaves home on her 18th birthday to partake in a coming-of-age journey.

Her large breasts are always on display during her pilgrimage, but her tight dress is considered formal wear and the young princess is actually quite modest.

Biggest boobs in video games

She tries not to invoke it, but her breasts are the subject of sexual innuendo throughout her adventures. Princess Bounciful, indeed.

Biggest boobs in video games

An engineer with a PhD in in mathematical sciences, Naomi is almost certainly the smartest woman on this list. She uses her brain power to research and develop special beam katanas and other weapons.

Biggest boobs in video games

Naomi is supposedly in her 60s, however, so she uses technology and brains to maintain her youthful appearance. While her skimpy fetish outfits have struggled to keep up with the growth, her popularity has increased in lockstep with her chest.

If anything, it would be rude not to talk how about amazing her rack is. She sometimes cradles younger students, but she also has a sadistic side and enjoys teasing others. Haruka wears a lab coat to conceal her weapons, but she makes no effort to conceal her body.

Her stripperific outfits could be likened to lingerie and make her already-impressive breasts seem even more astonishing. Dead or Alive deserves tremendous credit for popularizing jiggle physics, but Mai Shiranui was bouncing around long before the DOA girls began sleazing it up. SNK put extra care into animating her boobs in that game, and they allocated extra memory to her knockers after the rest of the game was completed.

Jiggle physics are part and parcel of modern games, but Mai was a true pioneer. Some critics argued that her de catered to the whims of teenage boys while others suggested that she was deed by one. Those things are bigger than her head, and her dress provides very little coverage.

Biggest boobs in video games

Boobs have always been a big part of Dead or Alive. It was all about size and bounciness in the beginning, but advanced concepts like tan lines and wardrobe malfunctions have also been showcased. Most DOA girls have spectacular racks, but Honoka was the clear choice for this list. The stacked martial artist was first seen in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round and immediately broke the franchise breast size record which had stood for nearly two decades. Honoka looks like a gravure idol and has the personality to match, but she brought waves of new fans to the franchise and her popularity quickly eclipsed many mainstay characters.

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Biggest boobs in video games

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