Adam and gaia game

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The Elven Update October 28, After so long. Explore the Sanctuary and meet the lonesome elves still dwelling there including no less than six quest characters based on Tolkien lore and anime characters with hentai scenes.

Adam and gaia game

The game's main quest continues and you learn of the origin of the Curse, those who were involved, and most importantly a way to end it once and for all! It's a vast update in size and content and will spell the end of my work here for quite a while. I hope you enjoy it.

Adam and gaia game

As always, bugs a best reported on the F95zone forum. Far vel, hvor end du farer. Progress October 01, An update on the progress: The current size of the update alone is 3 gb. This really makes the debates of game compression all the more relevant.

After the Elven update is out, along with the expected bug fixes, I reckon it might finally be time to take some of the given community's advice on possible ways of reducing the game size - even at the cost of my preference for gif files There will be 6 elven matriarch, though two have quite short quests. The Sanctuary beyond these is also populated with girls for random encounters, but these only have a simply for pregnancy or none at all. Currently work is done on the final, yet ever so crucial, character of the princess. Not inspired writing that girl, but coming alone nonetheless. This will finish up all the characters.

Afterwards work will be done on the random events and encounters to equal that of the other regions, though quite different since there'll be an abundance of non-creature sex scenes while exploring. Post a Comment. Work s August 27, The contract I had has finally come to a close, so I'll hopefully have some more spare time during the next few weeks.

I hope to dedicate some of it to the next update - the fabled Elven Update. A matriarch will be introduced to the Elven Sanctuary with hentai artwork for de and offspring. I hope also to be able to add her daughter as well. Other than that the update intends to add some content to the Deep Woods area. The children one can have with elves can be placed in human villages as well, since they're based on the same code.

Well, I guess that is it. I cannot tell how adam and gaia game I am for the successful end of my contract and the peace of mind and freedom it shortly brings. May we all have respite from time to time! No progress June 06, An update about the game, and it's all bad news! Since my non-making-adult-games part of life is directed towards the legal aspects of European data protection law the last few weeks have naturally been rather troublesome.

It seems, furthermore, that the workload of the GDPR will last into the latest parts of summer. This means the silence from my end is going to last a fair while longer. Also, there hasn't been any progress towards the Elven Update or other parts of the game, so all this wait is sadly not because the game is being worked on, sorry. Since I should regain some blessed spare time around August, and begin work on the update, the release of the Elven Update might be even longer. Update 1. April 12, Presenting, in an unheard of speed: Update 1. Meet Sarai in the plains region, inspired by old testament stories, and all her possible children, which will bring the glow of mature women to the game!

After all, folks in the old testament all lived years plus - so the full potential given by the adam and gaia game of Gaia would naturally net them in their thirties-fourties!

Adam and gaia game

The update also adds a new Send Away system, aiming to retain the girls in a separate array; a new way to see girl's mother via a click that will show her info; lactation is as mentioned induced at first birth. Big Build Update April 05, Presenting the Big Build Update! A whole month! The new update contains more build options for human villages and monster homes. Now monster homes can be expanded and the bovine and bee-girl homes have special buildings. The Human villages have each gotten a new special building, which all contain new scenes.

A group sex option has been added to the tent, and the sphinx finally has her own sex scene. The final additions, which was more troublesome than I wish to admit, adds generation and maternal tracking to human girls, allowing you to see who birthed them and how far down the line from you they are. Enjoy, l! But expect bugs! Nut and the Nile Update Adam and gaia game 24, After a poll on the next minor matriarch taking place on F95zone, work is finally done! The new update contains a new matriarch based on the Egyptian goddess of Nut and her daughter Nephthys with a combined quest.

The update will also contain the addition of sex sounds for human girls' sex scenes delete your old sound folder and and some more random encounter of human girls instead of only monster. Plus many bug fixes. More posts.

Adam and gaia game

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